About GreenLake Eye Care

GreenLake Eyecare is the vision Dr. Aronson had of how he would want to be examined and treated at a medical office. From the first step inside the office to the last goodbye, Dr. Aronson wants his patients to know they are cared for and respected. GreenLake Eyecare is not your typical optometry chain office where you are rushed in and out of your visit, passed on to technician after technician to simply see the doctor for 2 minutes. Dr. Aronson understands your time is valuable and wants each moment you spend at his office to be educational and beneficial.

There are no gimmicks. There are no confusing advertisements. While Dr. Aronson understands the value of current technology in healthcare, he still relies on examining your eyes himself. GreenLake Eyecare is a straight forward optical that prides itself on quality healthcare at an affordable price where honesty and integrity are the motivating factors. Dr. Aronson wants his patients to ask questions, be concerned about their health, and of course, enjoy their glasses and contact lenses.