Eye and Vision Exams

Eye & Vision Exams Provided by a Greenacres, FL Optometrist

Whether you want to improve your game with a sports vision exam or you have a child who's just starting out in school, our eye doctor offers eye care to the entire family. Our optometrist at GreenLake Eyecare serves Greenacres, Lake Worth, and the surrounding area helps pediatric and senior patients as well as everyone in between. 

woman getting an eye exam

Eye Exam 

During an eye exam, our optometrist provides you with a comprehensive evaluation of your eyes. We look for problems specific to your age bracket whether you're a pediatric patient, adult, or senior. We can help every member of a family manage their chronic eye conditions including cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and a lazy eye. Sometimes, the condition requires us to prescribe a medication or recommend eye patch therapy.

Vision Exam  

We offer our patients the option of a vision exam. We help those who are interested in sports optimize their game through a sports vision screening. Our optometrist uses this portion of your eye care screening to detect any deficits in your vision including astigmatism. During this exam, you'll need to look through lenses and read various lines. The results help us determine if you have a vision problem. We'll also ask you to compare two pictures and determine which one is clearer in order to diagnose astigmatism. From your results, we can pair you with the right prescription. If you're interested in contacts for your prescription eye wear, our eye doctor will perform a test that measures the dimensions of your eyes, so you have contacts that fit comfortably. 

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