Eye Conditions

Greenlake Eyecare Treats Many Vision and Eye Conditions

Good vision is important at every stage of life. When vision problems occur, you want quality, professional care with attention to your individual needs. At Greenlake Eyecare in Greenacres, FL, we offer care for a variety of vision and eye health conditions.

Nearsightedness, Farsightedness, Astigmatism, and Amblyopia

Nearsightedness, the inability to see at a distance, can be corrected with eyeglasses or contact lenses. Farsightedness can also be corrected the same way. Astigmatism causes blurriness of vision and generally requires corrective lenses or vision correction surgery. Amblyopia, often called “lazy eye,” generally occurs in children, when the signals to the brain that involve vision do not function equally for both eyes. Pediatric eye care to encourage strengthening of the weak eye can help to correct the problem.

Hard To Fit Contact Problems

Sometimes, the structure of an individual’s cornea makes wearing regular contact lenses more difficult. The wearer may experience tightness, irritation, and tearing of the eyes. Your optometrist in Greenacres can provide custom fitting of contact lenses for individuals who have these problems.

Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry eyes can result from constant computer use, working in dry, dusty environments, or from medications you take. Your eye doctor can offer a number of treatments to help.

Computer Vision Problems

Individuals who spend long hours at the computer for their work may develop blurring and discomfort of the eyes. Your optometrist can help with special glasses and tips to reduce computer glare.


Commonly called “pink eye,” conjunctivitis can be an infection of the cornea and area surrounding the eye, which can cause redness, inflammation, itching, crusting, or oozing. Your optometrist can provide appropriate treatment to eliminate the infection, so you can see comfortably again.

Allergy Eyes

Allergies can adversely affect eye health and vision. Your optometrist can help with medications to reduce symptoms.

Sports Vision

We can also help you to see more clearly for athletic activities and treat eye injuries when they occur.

Eye Injuries

Optometrists can also help with minor eye injuries such as foreign objects in the eye or corneal scratches.

Eye Diseases of Aging

Your eye doctor can also help to detect common eye diseases that occur with aging, such as cataracts, macular degeneration, and glaucoma, as well as monitor your eyes for any changes that could indicate a problem.

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Dr. Aronson has extensive training in optometry to help patients in Greenacres, FL, Lake Worth, and other nearby communities achieve better vision and maintain eye health. We provide eye care for people of all ages, with dedication to customer needs. Call Greenlake Eyecare today at 561-220-6272 for an appointment to have your eyes examined and to learn about the best ways to care for your vision throughout life.


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