A World of Corrective Lenses for Greenacres and Lake Worth

Perfect vision is a rare thing in this world, but the good news is that modern corrective lens technology makes it easier than ever to compensate for vision problems. Here at GreenLake Eyecare, our eye doctor provides high-quality eyeglasses and contacts for residents of Greenacres and Lake Worth.

We Want to Be Your Eye Care Center

Eyeglasses: From Lens Coatings to Frames

Once our eye doctor has obtained your corrective prescription through an eye and vision exam, we can fit you for fashionable eyeglasses that restore your eyesight to optimal clarity. We offer a huge selection of designer frames to suit every age, budget, facial shape, and sense of style. Our eye care specialists can even help you pick out the best type of frames for your individual face. You'll be equally impressed by the quality of the lenses filling those frames, whether you choose cost-effective CR-39 plastic, shatter-resistant polycarbonate, or lightweight high-index lenses. We can even add lens coatings to reduce glare, block UV, and prevent fogging.

Regular and Specialty Contact Lenses

You'll always get the right contact lenses for your needs at GreenLake Eyecare. That's because our optometrist performs a contact lens exam to evaluate your specific needs, from eye measurements and corrective prescriptions, to underlying health considerations. If your eyes are hard to fit with standard soft contacts, we can provide specialty contacts optimized for particular optical challenges. Our hard to fit contact lens options include toric contacts, multifocal contacts, scleral contacts, and hydrogel contacts.

We Want to Be Your Eye Care Center

If you're looking for the ideal combination of optometrist and optical house, GreenLake Eyecare has got you covered. Call 561.220.6272 to schedule an eye appointment. We want to be your eye care center in Greenacres and Lake Worth!

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